Art Journalling

We are home again, back to our tiny cottage in the bush, back to my train and all my other projects. It was a magical holiday to Vanuatu. Up there for me as one of the most relaxing ever. Also a great time of the year to go as it turns out, with few tourists (apart from on cruise ship days) and pretty good weather.


The fruit salad we made every day with fruit from the local market was AMAZING. I have never tasted fruit like it!


So with markets and flower stalls and islands and jungles and snorkelling coves to explore, there was a lot to take in, and I was glad I brought my little travel sketching kit. I set it up to fit in a passport holder that I picked up on ebay for about 10 bucks.


And inside it has everything needed for a quick sketch and paint.



I absolutely love the cute mini watercolour paint tin by Daler Rowney. And the Pentel waterbrush is awesome! I never knew such a thing existed until I did an online art journalling course. You fill the body of the brush with water, and that’s all you need for painting with watercolours. You squeeze gently for more water, and to clean you just wipe it on a piece of paper towel. It is fantastic for travelling, but also I tend to use it at home now too, simply for the convenience.

As for the art journalling……I did two courses online, and I have to say I just don’t get it. ‘Sweep the paint over the page, draw this outline here, fill this bit in with text, stamp this over here….’ Ummm, okay. It just felt like glorified scrap booking without the photos. I don’t deny the results can be pretty, and it is fun trying out new techniques and products, I guess I just don’t understand the actual point of the journal format.
So that’s why I made mine a ‘travel’ journal rather than an art journal. I can do quick sketches, sign and date them, and I have a perpetual reminder of a time and place. It is different from a photograph in that you have to sit in that space for longer with a different frame of mind, you have to see the shapes and the lines and the textures, watch the light and the shadows. You feel the breeze on your skin while you sketch the leaves moving in front of you….there is just nothing like it to me. 🙂 as for my kit, it was a great size to chuck in my luggage, and I am really happy with it. Next stop………springtime in PARIS!! But that’s another post altogether. 🙂

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