New projects

It’s been a fairly productive start to the year for me, despite the trials of the autoimmune protocol diet. Which turns out to be hard. Really hard. Only a couple of weeks to go, so I don’t want to whinge too much about that. I have still managed to get plenty done when I’m not madly craving coffee coffee COFFEEEEEEEEEE (and cacao and Brazil nuts)!

The Victorian Workhouse Apron pattern is now up, and available in one size for free download here and here




I’m quite pleased with it in the end. I love the scalloped lace at the bottom, I think it turned out a little bit steampunk. But pretty much anything made with linen I love. Linen is so tough and durable, responds beautifully to blocking and softens with age to a vintage patina.
So unsurprisingly, the next Wolfberry Knits pattern, a trans-seasonal piece which will be available in 6 sizes, is also going to be in linen! Yay!

I’ve also been having some fun practising bookbinding. One has a thick paper cover with a contrast spine, and the other a linen cover.


I really love making notebooks, probably because I use notebooks a LOT in my day to day life, filling them with to-do lists, ideas for designs or for novels, quotes, shopping lists, drawings. I have a tiny little book I made which I think is my current favourite. This one is small enough to go in a pocket!

I have resorted to sewing them up with dental floss for the moment, as the linen bookbinding thread I got from the UK was stolen from my train. 😡
An antechinus (tiny little Australian marsupial that looks like a mouse) has been in residence in my train, and during the breeding season, decided to take anything soft off my desk, presumably for its nest. They are unusual little creatures, they don’t chew up your stuff like rats and mice do, they only have one breeding season and the male dies soon after mating. They are also cute, and I haven’t been keen to evict it. So far I am missing linen thread, paper towel, a ball of silk and a ball of cashmere blend. The thieving little git has expensive taste!


I made my mum some stitch markers for knitting for Christmas, and decided this week to make myself a set too. It is a simple idea, a piece of beading wire folded in half, a couple of glass beads and a couple of crimping beads. I found that the ends were a little spiky after trimming and I was worried they might catch on finer wools, so I ended up putting a small blob of wood glue on the very end of each. I did this a couple of times, letting it dry between coats. It dried to a nice smooth round hard tip that doesn’t catch. So no more daggy scraps of wool as stitch markers for me! 🙂

Next week I’m planning some clothing revamps, an embroidered woollen vest, and I want to repaint a pair of Birkis. I have found the non-leather ones accept paint quite well. I have already done them black once and it lasted well with a coat of acrylic varnish, but I think perhaps a change would be nice, maybe grey plaid.

Until next time, B 🙂

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