Quickie weekend project: FALLen LEAVES Hat

I uncovered a pretty purple ball of Rowan Felted Tweed in my stash the other day, and remembered that I had bought this single ball about two years ago specifically to make a hat, FALLen LEAVES by Satu Grohn.

I kept putting it off because it is worked on smallish needles and a bit fiddly, but I had some time this weekend and thought why not?

Well, it was fiddly, but I am very happy with the end result. I worked the entire hat on DPNs, because, as ever, despite a stash of needles of ENORMOUS proportions, do you think I could find a 3.5mm circular? Nope. Not a chance in hell.


There’s not a lot of spring/elasticity in the yarn because it is slightly prefelted, which made pulling it tight between needles a bit of a hassle. A circular would have been much easier. Also the yarn tends to shed little white hairs that are itchy and go everywhere. Not ideal on my dark hair. So for those reasons I wouldn’t use the yarn again for a hat.

But the pattern itself is lovely. I followed the written directions rather than the chart and had no problems. I blocked it on a fruit bowl.


Now for some cold weather. Please, weather gods, some cold weather! Enough of this never ending summer! Otherwise I shall just have to keep travelling to colder climates to wear all my woollies. 🙂


Fish Lips Kiss Heel

I’ve had fun getting used to the Fish Lips Kiss Heel. My first completed pair were these, which I love.

Austermann Irish Rainbow 6ply, it is lovely and soft! The heel fit well, and I did prefer it to making the flap and picking up stitches along the edge.

As I’ve mentioned before, the pattern does go on a bit (16 pages!) but it certainly leaves nothing out. I didn’t bother with the cardboard foot template part of things.

So I thought I would do a visual comparison between the old and new heels, using Bendigo Woollen Mills sock yarn. I love their sock yarn, it washes well, and some of the colours are awesome. These are standard top down socks, with a 1×1 rib cuff and 60 stitches on 2.5 mm needles. Both heels worked over 30 stitches.




I’m definitely sticking with the fish lips kiss heel. It is quicker, neater and fits just as well. I like the way the patterned wool makes only the little heel part stand out too, it looks more old fashioned or something. I’m also going to try the ‘twin stitch’ technique from the socks next time I have short rows to do in a garment. Anything has to be better than wrapping and turning! 🙂