The Shawl from Hell

I normally love making presents, thinking nice thoughts about the recipient while I knit, infusing it with love and good wishes….but what is it about some projects that just evolve into a chaotic cascade of problems. Oh my god. What a cluster f**k-up this shawl has been.

So, my wonderful mum had seen my two Dragonfly Wings shawls and asked for one for her birthday. No worries, I thought. Went online, found some pretty yarn in her colours, Debbie Bliss Angel Prints in the beautifully named colour family ‘Renoir’. Mohair and silk, just lovely.



Stuff up 1: I use Knitpro Symfonie needles for everything. They are almost the same rainbow colours as the yarn. Couldn’t see a frickin thing. I had to go outside in the bright daylight to get anything knit, and therefore I couldn’t work on it at night as I usually would. I was squinting at the thing like a little old blind mole.

Stuff up 2: I’m allergic to the yarn. A surprise as I’ve never been allergic to mohair before. That remains a mystery. But I have never ever sneezed so much in my life. I mean constantly.

Stuff up 3: The yarn had three joins in a ball. Wtf. In expensive yarn, that really irritates me. In a project like this, they are almost impossible to conceal.

Stuff up 4: Tink, tink, tink, tink. šŸ˜¦ I had already made two of these shawls without the merest glimmer of a mistake. Stuffed up two rows of the lace section of this one. Had to tink back over 300 sts of lace patterned mohair all up. At this point I was ready to burn it.

Stuff up 5: not really a stuff up, as at least I had the foresight to buy two balls (very unlike me). But the first ball ran out halfway through the long and tedious bind off, so I had to unwind the next one to get the right colour to continue, and wasted metres of yarn.

Sigh. Okay, whinge over. My mum loved it, and that’s what counts. But if I never ever see it again…it will be too soon.

The beautiful Boo Knits Dragonfly Wings shawl is now officially out of my system.



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