Some socks and some sparkle love

Some more socks this week, chunky ones this time for my mum. The yarn is Drops Uni Fabel and knits up on 5mm needles. Not sure if I like them this chunky, but they took no time at all to knit and will be warm. I managed to get a pair in size 9 from one ball. Just. I bought two just in case. I seriously need to stop taking photos on the carpet. Its hard to find a spot that gives the illusion it has been vacuumed.


The following yarn, however was a completely random purchase. I added one single ball of sparkly yarn at the last minute to a order, just to get me over the ‘free postage’ threshold. But when it arrived, I was fascinated by it. I couldn’t leave it alone. I kept it next to me in my knitting basket so I could look at it. And I kept getting it out of my basket and cuddling it. I kid you not. I patted it, I stroked it, I squished it to my cheek. I showed people that came over. I have issues. But it is soooo beautiful! It’s so sparkly! Look at it!

Seriously, look at it!!!! 🙂

It’s Adriafil Riflessi. I don’t know why I love the sparkle so much. I’m not 12. But still.
It took me a while to decide what to knit with it. There’s 150m in a ball, so I had a few choices. In the end I decided on a hat. At first I really wanted to do a fancy cable slouch beret, but then I thought the yarn should really speak for itself. Plus, there’s not a lot of spring in this yarn, so a slouchy beret might quickly collapse and stretch out. I decided eventually on a simple beanie with some rib and basic cables.


This is a cast on of 84 sts on 5mm needles, then moving on to 6mm for the cabling. I decided on a turn up brim for this one for extra warmth. I knitted it over this weekend, and I’m very happy with my beanie. The only problem of course, that a more insightful person might have foreseen, is that when I am wearing it, I can’t see it. D’oh. I may need to invest in another ball to make matching mittens, so I can look at them. And maybe a cowl. Go full disco ball, yeah! 🙂


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