Vegie Gardening

I escaped from under my laptop and a huge pile of knitting this weekend to the garden temporarily, to redo my vegie garden. I’ve had quite a lot of successful vegie gardens in my life, but my original one here had been a bit of a fail. The raised beds dried out too fast in the heat and full sun, the soil we bought was too clay-ey, the plants burned, the gum trees competed from underneath for the water, and I couldn’t protect them from bandicoots and echidnas and possums or an absolute plague of rhinoceros beetles (I wish I was joking). So I eventually turned it into a mini orchard for some drought tolerant fruit trees instead. That was a few weeks ago and now it is powering. 🙂

Here’s some pineapples I grew too in a pot. Just cos they are kind of cool.

So anyway I decided the new vegie garden should go in the old chook pen. M, handy as ever, had built this out of concrete reinforcing mesh, and we had wired over the top of it. So we pulled out the old chook house, dug it over and I built a path and a U shaped bed inside. Nothing can get to it, and it is shaded from the Queensland sun by a passionfruit vine overhead. Perfect, and I love it.



M is actually pretty talented with a welder. He whipped up a couple of presents recently for both our mums out of metal lying around the place. The artist sometimes lurks in the most unexpected of places.





B 🙂

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