Totes totes and more totes

Clint Eastwood and I shared a birthday a couple of weeks ago. The day that is, not the age, I think he turned 86. I’m not sure what he got, but my mum made me a couple of gorgeous things! First an embroidered needle case. She wasn’t happy with her ‘B’, but I like it. The wisteria is very pretty.

And secondly a mushroom pincushion.

So cute. My mum is completely unaware of the SuperMario element to this. I haven’t mentioned it. 🙂

In other news, my obsession with the knitting and crochet tote bags continues unabated. I love them. ❤ And I love making them. *Sigh.*

But how many do I really need? Currently I have three in different sizes next to my knitting chair. All full, of course. But my knitting pile has never been so neat!

Then I made one for mum.


Then I made one for my Auntie in Adelaide. That is currently in the post.


Then I made a couple more… and I’ve decided I’d better start selling them. So I’m tentatively putting some in my Etsy store this week. Probably a couple on eBay too, which I actually prefer. Some will be the plain bags and some I will put together as sock knitting kits, with yarn and needles.




Because I am genetically incapable of leaving well enough alone, I have tweaked the pattern here and there, and I’ve added an in-between size. I’ll just keep going with these until I get bored with them I think. 🙂


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