Hobart Cardy progress

The countdown is on, 12 sleeps until my Tasmania trip, time to finish the Hobart cardigan, edit a novel and format and publish my new Wolfberry Knits pattern…sure, why not? 🙂  
It is slow going but I’m determined to wear this damn thing in Hobart. I am currently on the sleeves. I am mainly worried about getting it blocked and dried in time (weather is iffy at the moment) so I can sew it together and do the shawl collar.

I press on…

9 thoughts on “Hobart Cardy progress

  1. My mother knitted me an almost identical green jersey with those twirly knitted patterned things – in about 1985. I had it for years. A different “cut” of course (see how I don’t know all the technical names) – but the other bits (apart from the twirly knitted patterned things) were quite different! (I never thought I’d get that excited over seeing someone’s knitting!

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