Tassie trip

It took two flights to get here, but the rules have finally relaxed a smidgen and I was able to knit on the plane….be it on cheap bamboo circulars, but whatever, it’s still knitting. :)I started a Fresco Simple Slouchy Hat on some ancient 5 ply pure wool my mum gave me.

I have been enjoying wandering the streets of Hobart on my solo adventure. I haven’t been here for fifteen years, but basically it hasn’t changed a lot….although it does now boast a paleo cafe! Yay! 🙂 It really has to be one of the prettiest little cities in Australia. Old fashioned, English, quirky and artsy. The buildings around where I am staying at historic Battery Point are like dolls houses. M, at 6’7″, wouldn’t fit through the doorways of most of them! It’s like stepping back in time.

Arthur Circus, with its ring of old cottages, constructed mainly for soldiers of the original garrison

Stopping for a coffee at Salamanca Place. I also went to the Salamanca Wool Shop (Tasmanian Woollen Co.), and there I exercised an absolutely unbelievable amount of self control. But then again, I am planning on going back tomorrow. 🙂

 Rainbow over Salamanca. I looked for the pot of gold…..

But there was only this weirdly illuminated boat. :/ Franklin Wharf and Sullivan’s Cove. 

I also took the bus up to Mt Wellington, overlooking Hobart. That’s it in the background.

It was 1 degree Celcius up there, minus wind chill factor. So cold but so pretty. 

Of course I also brought my sock knitting…I whipped up one last night in Drops Big Fabel Uni Colour, and started work on another in Drops Delight, my current favourite. 🙂

Tomorrow I’m hopping on the double decker bus for a tour around the city…after I’ve been back to the wool shop, that is….:)


19 thoughts on “Tassie trip

    • Hope when Reed’s a little older u to get to do it again…I’m a solitary person at the best of times, but it’s funny how travelling alone you end up communicating with far more people than when you’re with someone else!

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