Counting chickens

It goes without saying really, but I loved Hobart. And of course I did venture back to a yarn store….or two. 🙂
Salamanca Wool Store was my favourite. The selection was small, but the staff were really lovely and they had a lot of locally produced yarn. They also stock my favourite Knitpro Symfonie needles. I purchased this as my holiday ‘souvenir’, one ball made of Tasmanian Possum, merino and silk, and a circular needle to knit it with on the plane home. 

  I got this far into a slouchy beanie flying home. This yarn is DIVINE. So soft and warm. One day I’ll take out a personal loan so I can purchase enough for a sweater. 

  I also visited The Stash Cupboard. There was an impressive range of yarns, especially American yarns. This is one part of the shop (taken with permission). The service here was..less good? for lack of a better term, but I could not go past this sparkly sock yarn. I am such a sucker for sparkles! It is taking a lot of will power not to start another sock with this before I’ve finished some other pairs.


I also got these Chiaogoo needles which are ‘flexible straight needles’, a concept I was not familiar with, but I loved the idea as I can’t knit well with standard straight needles. Of course I could just use a circular but my various 4mm/US 6 circulars are often all in use, so this is a nice back up.
I finished my Drops Uni Fabel extremely pink socks, though I shan’t photograph them because they’re in the wash. I did finish one Drops Delight sock as well.
It was an awesome trip. I love the cold, but M hates it, which is why he didn’t come with me. Something that really pleased me was that the cold didn’t affect my autoimmune stuff, no Raynauds, no joint pain. I don’t usually talk too much about health, and I don’t want to count chickens before they’re hatched…but almost two years into a strict Paleo diet and a complete change of lifestyle, and it’s definitely working…. I wouldn’t presume to suggest it would work for anyone with autoimmune disease, but I did a whoooollle lotta research, which led me to believe that 1) getting off the medication was a great idea, and 2) that this might be the way to accomplish that. So far, so good. There was a paleo inspired cafe in Hobart too, Cafe Lola. The coffee was good, and I highly recommend the ‘Paleo Puff’. Sorry for the pic, I got it takeaway and had it by the harbour. 🙂

   A few photos to finish. I visited the Salamanca Markets on Saturday morning, they were large and fun, if a little on the pricey side. I recommend the natural fruit roll ups. I also took the Red Decker bus for a tour, including the Cascade Brewery, and visited the Tasmanian Art Gallery and Museum (where the guards are extremely friendly, by the way!). The exhibitions were incredible. The thylacine one even had me in tears. 


And now back home, after what feels like a lot of self indulgence, it’s time to turn outward for a little while with some gift and charity knitting. Not the possum beanie though. That’s definitely for me. 🙂






11 thoughts on “Counting chickens

    • 🙂 Yeah I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me before…I’m thinking will have to start getting some locally made yarn to bring back every time I travel…that would make it a ‘collection’ rather than yarn hoarding maybe? 🙂


  1. ‘Holiday souvenir’ must add that to my reasons I must buy yarn. Thanks for sharing the flexible straight needles. Am going to see if they sell them here. I hate the way long needles always want to tuck under my armpits and like you my circulars are often full.

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    • 🙂 I tried them briefly, they are really nice to use. I think for larger flat pieces they will actually be better than a circular because with the stopper the stitches won’t keep sliding around the cable and have to be pulled back each time. Yeah I’m the same, I can’t use straights unless it’s a knitting emergency, they kill my hands and wrists and I hate how the ends hit things too, (me, the animal that’s usually on my lap etc)

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      • I did have a look, but can’t find any sold over here 😦 Glad they’re working for you though. And at least my animal is too big to sit on my lap 🙂

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