Five FOs in five days (and then some more)

My weekly posts are rapidly getting out of hand in length, so from now on there’ll be at least two a week from me I think!
It wasn’t actually a conscious plan to get all these things finished over the last week, circumstances just combined fortuitously to give me time and motivation. And you know what this means…I can now start (at least) five new things!! Woohoo!! 😀

1. Metallicus Tee

This is my new Wolfberry Knits pattern, an easy, chunky, top-down seamless tee with slightly gathered front and an a-line shape. Yay for more pockets! 🙂 Because it’s 10 ply, I can knit one of these up in under three days. So I did a second one in Drops Bomull-Lin this week, and began a third in Rowan’s (sadly discontinued) Calmer.
Will be published in the next day or so.

2. Knitting project bag

 I broke my ‘no commissions’ rule for once because of the challenge of this one…it was commissioned as a present for someone who liked ‘red, black, Scottish stuff and Scottie dogs’… I found the perfect fabric on eBay. There was enough left to make a little matching lined drawstring bag too.


3. Drawstring bags

 In my usual style, when I had made one thing that was really fun, I got a bit fixated… Several drawstring bags later…. 🙂 they’re all lined, and I put little pockets inside each of these too for stitch markers etc. They’re handy for travelling with small projects and for gifts.

4. Big Socks 
M’s birthday this week, which always involves at least one pair of socks. He has size US 15s, so he’s lucky he gets any, really. 🙂 These are plain vanillas on 5mm needles, a 40 st cast on with a fish lips kiss heel. The yarn is Drops Big Fabel, chunky sock yarn.


5. Paracord Bracelet

 Um, okay, I have been assured most vehemently that these are ‘macho survival tactical Bear Grylls-style man wear’. And here was me thinking it was just a friendship bracelet. M wanted one, so I made him one after watching a couple of (super macho survival tactical testosterone-laden) YouTube videos.
Turns out I was wrong, is not a friendship bracelet at all, I’d say is probably more closely related to macrame. Don’t tell M. 

Actually, I have finished heeeeeaps of stuff lately. But ‘Five FOs’ had a nice ring to it.
Here’s a couple more things I’ve recently completed:

Book covers
It took me a little while to get the pattern right. I had to have a pen holder in there somewhere! 🙂 I’ll post the pattern as a freebie to Craftsy when I get the chance.


Preemie hats and baby blankets

These will be going to ‘Knitting for Brisbane’s Needy’ when the pile gets a bit bigger.
Embroidered tie dye woollen vest

Had been sitting in pieces in my sewing wips drawer for no less than SIX years. Yikes. Of course now I don’t like that my embroidery isn’t evenly spaced. What kind of crazy hippie was I back then? One without a ruler, apparently. Geez. Still, I’ll put some wooden buttons on it and give it to someone.
Hebel Owl

Something my Dad has got me into, sculpting Hebel. This was my first attempt. I enjoyed it, though I’m definitely not a natural sculptor. Like I need another hobby. 
The train is definitely an inspirational environment to get things finished in. Although the passing wildlife can, on occasion, be distracting. 

Happy creating! 🙂


26 thoughts on “Five FOs in five days (and then some more)

    • Thanks Pauline, yes not enough hours in the day sometimes, so many things to make!! :)) owl was first attempt but that stuff is easy peasy to carve fortunately. Pen holders are a necessity aren’t they, especially if you have pen thieves about too! 🙂

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  1. ohmyohmyhomy, what a post full of eye candy!!! Lovely T! The knitting bag is a darling and what a splendid idea to put a little pocket in a drawstring bag! I use them a lot for bring-along-projects and stuff gets lost in it ;0) Bookcovers, macho socks, jewelry, sculpting!!! My goodness, you are a multi talented woman! And to top it of…some wild life passing by…was that a kangaroo??? Quite rare here in Ohio ;0) More of this please, xo Johanna

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much for the lovely comments Johanna! :)) yes I am a bit of a pocket fiend, I put them in everything, M says I am like a little kid with the way I fill them with all kinds of paraphernalia from my day 🙂
      They were two wallabies and a goanna passing by, we do get plenty of kangaroos and also koalas, I will get some pics! I love looking at the photos from your neck of the woods too 🙂 xo Bianca

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  2. You’re prolific!!! I need more drawstring bags to keep my projects in, hopefully with a bigger one, I can take the shawl I’m working on, on the train. Making your own notebooks – and with a place to keep a pen is brilliant! I’m trying this – by which I mean I’m adding it to the queue 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha your queue sounds a lot like mine! 🙂 knitting a shawl on the train would be awesome, I can’t do such things or I get motion sick boohoo 😦 will be looking forward to seeing pics of your shawl and the bag and the notebooks! :))

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’m sorry motion sickness is awful! But don’t feel like you’re missing out – it might just be me but my projects (well except for socks) tend to fall off the needles sure ng a hectic commute. It can be totally heart breaking. Well that and you’ve got a lovely train of your own to knit in! 🙂
        I’ll try to post more on the shawls (there are two *hides*) soon – and get to researching how to make the other projects which will all be firsts for me 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • I never thought of the non-moving train not making me sick! Haha that’s classic. 🙂 in case it helps, there is a free Craftsy video on making the lined drawstring bags, bag making basics I think it’s called. 🙂

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  3. That Tee just made me cross over the “want to knit” line and I am going to have to wrangle the twin needles to give this a go. What a gorgeous looking top! I need this for summer. I need this for spring. I need it NOW. Size 15 US shoes?! REALLY?! I would be making jumpers and leaving off the sleeves for that sized foot! ;). He is incredibly lucky to have a crafty partner to make him socks. I dare say that size isn’t going to be standard to buy. I was just about to say “macrame” but you are right, don’t mention it as I am going to make Stevie-boy one ;). AWESOME journal cover. Delicious and makes me wish I had paid attention to poor Mrs Rogers in sewing class last century…lucky for me, YouTube is the new Mrs Rogers and Craftsy is on my peripherals. I will be waiting… I think the word that you are looking for with that gorgeous embroidered vest is “Artisan”. “Artisan” is always slightly off centre, unmeasured, unfettered, because then it has obviously been handmade. We just saw our first snake of the season when we were walking the dogs yesterday. Looks like it is going to be dry, hot and a long summer for the whole of Eastern Australia this year. Crafting on the deck anyone? 😉

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    • Hahaha thank you so much for the comments, I seriously just came up from M’s shed where we were cleaning up and had to shoo a snake out, definitely going to be a big snake season this year. We’ve been so lucky with rain so far this year and our tanks are all full now for the first time ever! We feel rich!! :)) yes 15s are sadly huge, he’s a big boy all round, 6’7″ tall and very broad, so although I have knitted him one jumper in the past, it won’t be happening again in a hurry! He loves his socks and beanies though. Hope to see Stevie-boy’s finished macram….I mean macho paracord bracelet! 😉 they are fun to make, might even do myself one if I can find the right colours.

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