Quick review: Mini circulars

I must have been living under a rock (or perhaps just on a hill in the middle of nowhere) to not have noticed that mini circular needles existed. I kept looking at other knitter’s sock blogs thinking ‘gee that needle looks small’… And then subsequently thinking nothing more about it.
Then finally it clicked, I googled them, and read a few reviews. I loved the idea of a tiny circular, just the right size for socks, which I knit a lot of. The reviews said you either love the needle or hate it. So I bought a Hiya high stainless steel 9″ with sharp points. It came with a little stitch marker, which I thought was cute.

I was soooo excited to use it. And it turns out….
I hate it. 😦 ho hum. I tried so hard to like it, I really did. I persisted through inches of rib cuff and stockinette. And it did certainly get a bit easier as I progressed. But I felt like a big fat giant knitting in a dolls house. M laughed at me. He is, as I have mentioned previously, massive. It looked even more ridiculous in his hands.

It was kind of like knitting with two darning needles with a string between them. Because they are so short, you have to come up with a whole new technique. Which in itself isn’t bad if you are enjoying it, but I wasn’t. My gauge was far, far tinier, my knitting much slower and I kept getting hand cramp. Also I had to knit right under a lamp, squinting at it. I am a British style knitter, not continental, so this may also have something to do with it.
I’m glad I tried it, but for now it’s back to the double points for me. Speaking of, I recently received a belated birthday present, shipped all the way from Finland, how cool is this. Designed so you can throw your dpns in a bag and not lose stitches.

All recycled materials, this guy is awesome. Love his shop on Etsy.

B 🙂

34 thoughts on “Quick review: Mini circulars

  1. Thank you for posting this! I’ve been thinking about trying circulars because I’ll be knitting more socks but this settles it for me: DPN’s for life!!!
    That looks like the best birthday present ever! Happy belated birthday!

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  2. Love the project caps – but yes, I’m with you on the teeny circulars. Although I’m not a DPN fan – would rather do magic loop, but not so I can knit two socks together.

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  3. I’m happy to discover that I’m not the only one who hates these needles. Your problems have nothing to do with the way you knit. I’m a Continental knitter, and I get cramps from them, too. All the way up to my elbows. Yuck! Who needs that?! I guess we can say we’ve been there, done that, got the t-shirt. Hello, Magic Loop!

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    • Oh wow, okay so it’s not just the style then, that’s interesting! I was thinking normally I use my whole hands when I knit, and with the tiny ones it was really just my finger tips so different muscles etc…either way, sounds like they are a big NOPE for both of us. At least we can say we tried 🙂

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    • They did hurt my hands quite a lot, they’re normally not great anyway but the left one in particular kept cramping pretty badly…but yeah, British knitter so maybe continental would be different?…glad you’re going to try it out, I look forward to seeing how it goes! 🙂


    • I have been using small circular needles lately, for me it only hurts if i use them for hours on end without stopping, then my fingers ache a bit, but then it a sign I need to take a break (I can get lost in the zone and knit for like 4 hours straight when I get a chance…)

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  4. I have started knitting socks with small circular needles, and now I can’t cast on with double pointed needles, at all. So I cast on with circular, knit all the way down the heel turn with it, then switch to double pointed needles, and finish the sock with them… I wish I could just cast on with double pointed needles, but I can’t 😦

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  5. PS: but my small circular needles are wooden though… I have been told by many knitters who had arthritis or cramps that they were actually ok using bamboo needles but not ok with metal needles. Maybe try bamboo if you get a chance?

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  6. Those needles? err…”nope”. I LOVE those knitty-double-pointy blocky thingo’s! Stevie-boy makes gorgeous wooden spoons with Tas native wood. How easy would these be to make as gifts for the knitty? He has a small stash of gorgeous black heart sassafras that he could plane down, rub smooth and wax up with bees wax from the apiarists behind our property. A fantastic idea that I am nicking with impunity 🙂

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