Blinky Bill

Last week passed in the blink of an eye. They always seem to do in the lead up to Christmas. I can hardly believe that in only three weeks I’m off to Finland! Excited much? 
Oh. Yeah. 🙂 you could say that. 🙂
Last Monday saw the arrival of my order from the very talented Pauline at The Contented Crafter. I am SO thrilled with everything! Pauline’s artworks radiate joy and positivity :)) I can only show my own part of the order because the rest are Christmas presents, but this is the Purple Bohemian Light Catcher, now hanging in the train. 

 I am still looking for the perfect spot to hang it (this is really hard to photograph!). Pauline personalised this with charms just for me, a book, treble clef, babushka, fairy, angel, house, and a wish. I just LOVE it. ❤ I can’t wait to gift the other items at Christmas!! 🙂

Also on Monday, my gingerbread pig cookie cutter arrived. Hooray! I have read “Christmas at Bullerby” by Astrid Lindgren every Christmas since I was small, and although I make gingerbread every year, I could never find the right pig cookie cutter like they use in the book. I found this one on Etsy. 

It isn’t exact, but I plan on reshaping slightly to make it so. 🙂 So this year we shall have gingerbread pigs, hearts and stars just like the children of Bullerby! Hard to believe it has taken me about thirty years to finally fulfil this dream. 🙂
Tuesday saw the arrival of my copy of Handmade magazine in my letterbox, featuring my first pattern for them! How exciting it is to see things you’ve made professionally photographed and on glossy paper! Handmade is Australia’s top-selling monthly craft magazine, they focus on smaller, quick to make projects, all different crafts, and have been so lovely to work with. So far they have accepted five of my designs. My first pattern for them is for scalloped lace and cable wrist cuffs. 🙂 Vol 34, number 3 is the one with my design. 

 Wednesday saw the arrival of a little needle-felting kit I had ordered on eBay. Because I totally need another craft. I had wanted to try it for a while, especially seeing lovely creations on blogs such as Noemie’s, and it was a cheap investment all up: for a total of less than $20, I got the fleece, needles and holders, foam mat, leather finger protectors and two digital books on Etsy. Bargain! 

I managed to stab myself just taking the cap off the needles, so it wasn’t the best ever start. Here’s my first go, a mushroom. I moved the bloodied tissue out of the way for the photo. I haven’t decided if I like this craft yet. I’m having a go at a French Bulldog for my mum next.

 Thursday was apparently wildlife day. The goannas here are generally not afraid of humans. I love this guy’s expression.  

A koala and her baby also decided to play for hours right by the back deck. It was a hot day, so the mother was in ‘casual’ mode, until the fidgeting little terror harassed her so much she had to move. I know all baby animals are cute, but seriously…that little koala! Those fluffy ears! I wanted to hug him and squeeze him and call him George. Or Blinky Bill. I’ve never felt quite so lucky to live here as I did seeing this. :))

On Friday the little shrike thrushes left the nest by the back door. They all plopped out of the nest onto the deck one after the other, jumped around for a few seconds, and were off before I even had a chance to grab the camera! They grow up so fast. Bye bye birdies!
A yarn order also arrived. So yeah, I know I swore I would NEVER knit M another sweater. As you may already know, he is a giant, 6’7″ with a 50″ chest. I use this to justify my lack of knitting for him, and assuage my subsequent guilt. It takes many kilometres of yarn and many weeks of work, and my last attempt throughout a hot summer nearly killed me. But…what can I say…he’s SUCH a great guy. 🙂 I am biased of course. 🙂 But he’s had an amazing year and worked so hard and been so supportive, I really wanted to do something special for him. 

So I picked this cabled jacket by Todd Gocken from the Wanderlust collection (hopefully I’ll be able to install the zipper a little better than the one in the photo). The yarn for M has now arrived. It’s a lot of yarn. I used a wheelbarrow to get it from where the postie dropped it by the front gate to the train.
I’ve had an absolute casting on frenzy this week, for some reason a lack of time makes me try to do more and more and more. So later this week I’ll have some knitting to show, as I’ve cast on three thousand things, including two more of my own patterns. 
B 🙂

45 thoughts on “Blinky Bill

  1. Those koalas would have stopped your productive day dead in its tracks! Those wrist cuffs are really pretty, and what a great idea when the coat you recently bought has sleeves that are just a tad short. (Not that I have personal experience or anything. Let’s just say the price was right.)

    Which airline are you flying with on your northern adventure?

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    • Lol you mean that happens to other people too? Thought it was just my monkey arms 🙂 yes you are absolutely right about the koalas, I sat out there on the deck with the camera for two hours, missed the watering and other chores, and took over a hundred photos. I only came inside when it got too dark to see! I didn’t want to miss anything! 🙂 I’m flying Qantas and Finnair, three hours from here to the airport, then 26 hours travel time. There shall be knitting aplenty. 🙂

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      • It’s true knitting confession time. I happily finished the front and back of a pullover the other day, to discover I had made 2 fronts. Maybe reading and knitting at the same time isn’t such a good idea??? My helpful son said to just leave it, then I’d never put it on back to front. (As though I’d do anything so silly.)

        I look forward to your photos from Finland. I’ll bet you’ll bring some wool back.

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  2. Hey Big Spender! What fun it is to see what you bought for Christmas; you must reveal the contents of those parcels after they’ve been opened. 🙂

    That felted mushroom is hilarious.

    Oh that koala kid is so cute I want to snatch it off its mother’s back!

    I’m glad to hear that the fledglings have flown; their parents must be relieved. So many of my elderly friends are worn ragged from caring for their children and now their children’s children as well. They’ll drop dead from exhaustion but happy to do it, though I hear that regret in their voices when they spoke of planned vacations and renovations abandoned as their young continues to suck up every spare dollar they have. Sorry, I’m raving.

    Good on you for tackling the task of knitting for a giant. Must be true love 🙂

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  3. Oh cheese! I so want to come and live with you!! Baby koala, train, goanna, yarn stash, patterns, heat and all! I am ecstatic, the catcher fits the window perfectly – who knew!! Does it catch the light for you there? They are so hard to capture in photos aren’t they – it’s a wonder I sell any!! Thank you for the pingback – that is a lovely surprise 🙂 I love those handwarmers too – but have never seen that magazine here.. I’ll have to do a search. you are a talented girl for sure. Three weeks to Finland – wow. That time went by fast! You’ll post again before going? if not have a great trip!! xoxo

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  4. Pauline’s light catcher is lovely. And YOU should be the editor of the magazine and put ALL your stuff in. What a creative and wondrous life you have! I just plop around and plant tomatoes and stuff – although I have 26 tea-light candle holder decorations now waiting for Christmas!

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    • Oh thank you so much Bruce x 🙂 but I think u rather sell yourself short there! 🙂 I’m not sure how you’ve managed to pack so much into one lifetime. I can’t wait to see your little stars! ✨✨✨🎄

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  5. Congratulations on your mag piece. Great to hear they were good to work with – getting published isn’t always a pleasant experience. I have Monkey arms too – I sometimes wonder if the need to knit my own jumpers and cardigans was what sealed my fate to be a knitter.

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    • Lol true Bekki, knitting due to the need for customised arms, I hadn’t thought of that! 🙂 I am hearing the voice of experience there with the publishing? Yes I have been lucky with Handmade, the editor who approached me is really lovely and the whole process is smooth and really laid back. I haven’t dealt with other magazines so that might possibly be an Australian thing, I don’t know! 🙂

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  6. I got one of Pauline’s light catchers for my mother for Christmas and I hung it in the bedroom today and it threw rainbows everywhere. I’m sure my mother is going to love it. Your little felt fairy toadstool is charming. I don’t think I could have done that on my first try! And the koala bears, it looks as though she’s imparting wisdom as she holds the baby (what are baby koalas called? Cubs?)

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    • Thank you Lisa! The needle felting was surprisingly easy once I staunched the blood flow 😉 I still haven’t decided if I have the patience required. So glad you got a light catcher for your mum (me too! shhh! :)) they are so beautiful! Baby koalas are marsupials so they’re called joeys, just the size of a jelly bean when they’re born and grow in a pouch for a few months. 🙂 I had never seen interaction between mum and baby like that before, it really was amazing. Koalas are known for not being too bright due to their diet, kind of slow and dopey, but to see that really reminded me how many deeper layers of interactions all animals have. 🙂


  7. I adore the Koalas, they cool super cute and cuddly. We saw a little black mouse outside my kitchen last night, but it did not like being looked at for so long, and decided to take off.
    Love your light catcher, stunning colours. Just perfect. Very pretty and original.
    Enjoy your trip to Finland, stay warm. 🙂 And take loads and loads of pictures please. 🙂

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  8. So much going on in your part of the woods!! Congratulation on your published patterns!! So exciting. The suncatcher is beautiful and the jacket for fellow too! The little toadstool is a darling and what can I say about those sweet koala mammy and makes me very happy! xoxoxo Johanna

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    • LOL thanks Andrea, well, you have Reed in the backyard? :)) he’s pretty darn cute! 🙂 I get envious looking at your beautiful colours and mountains and that river near your place, seriously stunning! :)) we do feel very lucky here, like much of rural Australia it’s kind of a balance between gorgeous fluffy or feathered things and things that can kill you with one bite…


  9. That is one seriously sweet mushroom right there. The trouble with adding “Craft blogs” to my towering stack of Vegan food porn that I peruse each morning in the wee small hours, is that I get seriously hooked on wanting to try new things. I insisted that Stevie-boy make me “Nal’s” from local hardwood and haven’t done anything with them. I steadfastly refuse to look at anything to do with weaving as I don’t want to torture Stevie-boy any more than I already have. The George conundrum. We had an echidna the other day. He was cleverly taking advantage of the fact that ants appear to be lured by gravestones and was slurping up ants for King and country in the graveyard in the Auld Kirk Church (our neighbours). Stevie-boy hightailed it over the fence to get some photos for Sunday’s blog and I came over all “George” but resisted my impulses (just…) There you go again! “Casting on three thousand things” and making me want to grasp my gran’s knitting needles in a meaningful way and attempt the craft that is “knitting”. At least I might survive the attempt with my fingers intact ;).

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    • Hahaha….I’m sorry for torturing you with craft…a little 😉 I know what you mean, so many crafts to try!! I really look forward to seeing your future creations on your lovely blog…you can get your own back 🙂 I threw out a loom when I moved last time, against many cries of protest. But I was stubborn about that one thing, partly because of the room it takes up, but also weaving didn’t excite me like other crafts do…meaning mainly knitting….oh how knitting excites me!! :))…(distracted by yarn for several minutes…..) it is fantastic that steve can just whip you up what you need! If you like straight needles he could do you some out of dowel and you could paint them! Few coats of varnish and some sanding…

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      • I have a set of tortoiseshells I inherited from my grandma. I think I need to do them justice and learn to knit STAT. I can’t think of anything I would like to make more than your Metallica at the moment. I am focused on finishing off our course (3 weeks left) and then I am FREE to knit my brains out 😉

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