Crocheting Socks

Ever wanted to try crocheting a sock? Yeah, me neither. But sometimes you just need to live life on the edge, man.
I like knitting socks. I’ve knit upwards of forty pairs (having put that in writing, I’m thinking I perhaps need to get out more). And I’ve pushed plenty of people, such as the delightful Mary Tang, into trying it too, for better or for worse. 🙂

But I was interested in trying a different effect and texture. So I just did an online course in how to crochet a sock. I also thought that it might be a quicker option than knitting them and might give a nice thick sock for boots for the next trip to Finland. 

I pretty much expected to skip easily through the pattern. Yeah, nope, that didn’t happen. The ‘basic sock’ pattern which accompanied the course – which is an e-patternscentral course by Rohn Strong – involves using foundation double crochet, front and back post stitches for the ribbing and extended single crochet. Wtf. It isn’t that hard, but none of these I would consider basic. The foundation double crochet in particular needed heaps of practice to get smooth. There was a LOT of frogging and swearing going on at Ravensridge over the weekend.
One of my first attempts, using Lana Grossa Meilenweit India.
The first few tries came out way too big following the pattern and suggested hook size, so I eventually gave in and decided to swatch. I finally got gauge with a tiny 2.5mm hook instead of a 3.75mm as suggested. Weird.
A further attempt with a different yarn just felt awful and dense and scratchy. This is Drops Fabel Long Print.

So I went back to a tried and true Australian yarn, Bendigo Woollen Mills sock yarn. The colours are not me, but it worked. 🙂 Right size, nice fabric feel, and I’ve got the hang of the stitches now.

Another benefit to the crochet version is being able to easily try it on as you go.

The finished sock fits well and stays up. It’s hard to take photos of socks on your own feet. 

I really like Rohn Strong’s designs, and the course presentation was fine, although there’s a couple of numerical errors in the accompanying printed pattern.
Will I crochet more socks? Well, at least one more, to go with the one I’ve finished. It uses more yarn to crochet them, as you would expect, but makes a nice dense fabric, and now I’ve got the hang of it I think it will actually be much faster than knitting. So I would say…yes. Yes I will. Next up I’ll probably try some for M as he only wears boot socks. And knitting a size 14 on 2.5mm needles? Ain’t nobody got time for dat. Not even me. 
B 🙂

48 thoughts on “Crocheting Socks

  1. I bow to you, Bianca. That line up of socks is too impressive. I’m still producing my first; going through the longest labour in history right now. Btw how did you do the link thing?

    The crocheted sock is perfect. Everyone would want a pair now. As soon as I finish my knitted one I will look into it. 🙂

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    • Thanks very much Mary 🙂 socks can sure be a bit a saga. 🙂 Such a weird and awkward shape to fit! You would probably breeze through the crochet version though I would expect.
      To link: I post from an iPad so I’m not sure if it’s exactly the same for other gadgets, but you select the words in the post you want to link then press the little chain symbol (looks like a paper clip on the diagonal) and then it gives you the box to paste in the associated web address.

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  2. I am not a sock knitter. Actually, I have so few finished projects in the last 2 years, I’m not even sure it’s morally appropriate to call myself a knitter anymore. Sigh. Anyway, lovely socks. You are a crafting adventurer, Bianca.

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  3. I have always fancied crocheting a pair of socks – and those ones you are modelling look just wonderful to me – the kind of socks you might pad around the house in quite happily – I don’t do slippers. It is most appealing to me to have socks that fit properly. Just once before I die! Most of mine have an extra 5+ cm at the toe end, or the heel half way up my leg 🙂 I wonder if I could cajole you into making a pair for me?

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    • Hahaha classic Pauline 🙂 I did wear that one sock all morning while I started the other, it is very comfy and homey (and also a bit warm for this time of year here :)) it’s good being able to try them on as you go, less room for error, although I could have fit two feet in the first one before I got the gauge right! I believe I could possibly be cajoled with the right incentive….I’m always up for a trade of some kind!! 🙂

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  4. What a wonderful thing is that crocheted sock! And now you must make another one….It looks like it might be easier than knitting them, and I agree with Pauline that the poofiness of crochet makes them look like they’d be great for walking-around-the house socks. I’m not very good at getting the size right, when I do socks, but I really like knitting on four needles, so I’m thinking I might convert to tube socks….Great post, Bianca!

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    • Thank you so much Cynthia! 🙂 yes it was definitely easier, there’s certainly something a lot more sculptural and rustic about crochet. They both have their appeal, I think knitting will always be my first love too though 🙂 💗 Would love to see your knitted creations sometime! Rainbow tube socks are on my bucket list…:)

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  5. Well, bless your cotton socks! What a brave lass you are. Well done.

    I just might give the crocheted socks a go, but I can’t crochet and knit (and chew gum) at the same time, as you can with knitting, so let’s see what happens.

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  6. Wow, awesome. So many pairs of socks. Love that picture. Really gives one a great perspective of just how much we really knit. 🙂
    Never crocheted socks, and looking at yours, you make it look so pretty easy. Thanks for all the photos.
    Have a wonderful week!!

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    • Thank you! 🙂 yes it really was quite easy, you would have no problems at all, I’ve seen your very talented crocheting!! I know, isn’t it scary when you work out how much you’ve actually knit?? Blogs are good and bad for that…a great record of how much we’ve made, but sometimes to be honest I would probably rather not know. I guess because if I already have fifteen cable jumpers I shouldn’t knit another…but I WANT to! 🙂 that’s when the old ones have to go to new homes. 🙂 thank you and hope you have a wonderful week too! Hope you’re cooling down a little too as we are.

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      • Its amazing how much we knit and crochet and craft in one year. What would we do with all that time. 🙂
        Lovely day here today. Starting raining very softly last night, and still going this morning. Loving it. Would rather be knitting though! 🙂
        Enjoy your lovely day too.

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  7. Wonderful!! I’ve sometimes thought about crocheting socks – and seeing your fabulous end results has given me courage to give it a shot. I suppose they would be more durable than the knitted ones as well. That you can easily try them on as you go is another bonus. I’ll have to check out that course site as well. Thanks Wolfberry :-)) !!!

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    • Thank you! 🙂 Excellent, I do hope you give it a go, I would love to see yours! Yes definitely super durable, like an army overcoat, I have a feeling these will be around for many many years to come :))


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    • Thanks so much Lisa! :))) I really hope you do give it a go one day, sock making is so addictive and relaxing and there is so much fantastic sock yarn out there, I could go CRAZY for the colours and fibres! I have been saving my two favourites for ages, a sparkly glittery sock yarn and a hand dyed purple silk merino blend…they might have to come out next! 🙂

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  9. Knitting socks, nope. Crochet socks, maybe. It has been too hot down here in Tasmania to contemplate even looking at yarn. I occasionally have to go into the spare room where I store my yarn and whenever I see it I start to sweat just thinking about how warm it would be to be wearing anything yarn based. Once Brunhilda starts her record breaking ingesting of wood for the winter, I will contemplate picking up hook and having a go. Till then it’s a great big “NOPE!” from me on all fronts ;). In saying that, you have done an amazing job with making 40 pairs? Some might call you a sockophile. I would call you persistent 😉

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    • LOL thanks narfie, yes I have been hearing about the heat from my brother in Hobart too, not happy, it puts me off moving down as I would only go there for the cold weather! Geez, next step South is Antarctica! 🙂 yeah in summer I can only look at cotton and linen, the rest of the yarn stash makes me itch and sweat just looking at it too…haha sockophile for sure, I had a goal to have only hand made socks in my sock drawer, and I’ve also given away stacks as presents, thus the exorbitant amount… 🙂

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      • I wonder if people appreciate handmade socks? You can buy 3 pairs at K-Mart for $3. The value of “sock” is apparently quite low on the commodities market but a good handmade sock is a thing of beauty and is quite hard to make (well, one that looks the bizz anyway!) and all of that time, energy and money are not reflected in that $3 for 3 pairs price tag. We are being conditioned to expect the earth for nought (as my gran used to say 😉 )

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      • Yes for sure, I know what you mean, it’s a funny thing though, if you make someone a pair that fits well they always seem to want more! …hmmm maybe we can help encourage a less consumable/disposable lifestyle by knitting people socks that last forever? 🙂 M seriously couldn’t care less initially about hand knitted socks, now they are his favourites, he says they are much more comfortable than his explorers and he saves one pair as his ‘lucky’ socks for important occasions lol 😀 (of course he could be lying to make me feel good, but that’s not really him :))

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  10. I just read up on your blog. It is so much fun to visit here and myohmy you are so productive!!! Crochet socks….interesting but I do not think I would give up my yoga sock knitting! How is the stretch compared to knitted socks?? They look gorgeous though, love the colors. Xoxox Johanna

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