Route 1 and a trip to market

The sun peeked through for a trip to the market last Sunday. This is the drive to the Southside markets at Gympie, all taken on the go through the car window. Zoom zoom, life is too short for stopping apparently! It’s a bit of a drive, so we left at 6:30am.

Mango farm in our road

Macadamia nut farm at the end of our road.

Views over town

Court house

Lots of old miner’s cottages in Gympie.

Straight ahead you can make out Gympie hospital, and just to the right with the steaming chimneys is the Nestle factory, producing International Roast coffee. 😬

Over the river

And the market.
It’s a pretty good market. In the past I have purchased furniture, puppies, chickens, a kindle, fruit and vegetables here. This trip we just got sweet potato, a picture and a woollen coat.

So far in this oddly warm winter we’ve only had two wood fires. Atticus, for one, clearly enjoyed them. Toasty feets…

And speaking of toasty feets, more socks of course. Another boring grey pair for M that I didn’t bother to photograph, and a chocolatey pair for me. I’m putting some little flowers around the tops of these.

I’ve never purchased sock blockers as they seemed expensive and pointless. But when you’re constantly photographing socks, they begin to have some appeal…so I asked M if he could make me some. He said ‘draw a picture’, so I did. 20 minutes later he emerged from his shed and handed me these, out of recycled Perspex sheet.

What a legend. 🙂 He wanted to put holes in them for faster drying, but so far that has proven unnecessary. 
So then, in the spirit of pushing my luck, I said…you know what I’d reeeeeeally like? An e-spinner. (For the non-spinners, this is an electronic spinning machine, very handy if you have bad joints). They are expensive (very). And M said ‘show me a picture’. So I did. 
‘I can make you that’, he said. ‘Okay,’ I said. Yay!! I will keep you posted. 🙂
I’ve been spinning a lot, and I do mean a lot. Inspired in part by the acquisition of a pair of Majacraft wool combs, which make fibre preparation so much more fun than boring old carding. 


Practising two ply, 3 ply and chain plying. 

I also finished my Route 1 by Norah Gaughan. This is the second of these I’ve made, it’s a free pattern, a quick knit and a useful style for in-between weather. The yarn is Bergere de France’s ‘Recycline’.

Year of William Morris update: tapestry has resumed with the assistance of adjustable tapestry stand that means I can now lounge and stitch at the same time. 🙂

But for now, back to the wheel! 
B 🙂

Flagellation Shawl

I showed a glimpse of this shawl last week. 
It is Ilvy by Berniolies Designs, and a streak of masochism had me crocheting it on a 3mm hook out of coarse Swedish weaving linen that had been gifted to me. 

It was painful, frustrating and yet kind of enjoyably medieval. Despite several alarm bells, I stubbornly persisted.
A week later it looked like this, a heaving, hard, tangled lump of flaxen knots.

It was scratchy and shrunken in on itself and altogether unpleasant. As I completed the single crochet short rows at the top, it also became heavier and heavier and I sighed at my grievous error in yarn choice. But I had once again underestimated the awesome power of blocking. 
Be free, shawl, be free!! 

I love the finished shawl. And the pattern. I know I will wear this to death. I have already purchased another of this talented lady’s designs, Oswin, which I’m planning to do in a silky laceweight.

I also thoroughly enjoyed my birthday celebrations last week, and received a veritable mountain of beautiful handmade gifts! 🙂 Feeling very spoilt! Here are a couple:
M made me a treasure box full of goodies, plus this butterfly for the garden from 100% recycled materials.

He’s called ‘Crazy Eye’. 🙂

Scissor case and keeper made by my gorgeous mum.

A cedar window from my poppy, which he designed himself and carved from a single piece of wood.

Birthdays in our family are always a good excuse to make something. Next in line is Poppy, who will be 81. And I think I may have finally found a sock yarn that he won’t find too ‘scratchy’! 🙂