Flagellation Shawl

I showed a glimpse of this shawl last week. 
It is Ilvy by Berniolies Designs, and a streak of masochism had me crocheting it on a 3mm hook out of coarse Swedish weaving linen that had been gifted to me. 

It was painful, frustrating and yet kind of enjoyably medieval. Despite several alarm bells, I stubbornly persisted.
A week later it looked like this, a heaving, hard, tangled lump of flaxen knots.

It was scratchy and shrunken in on itself and altogether unpleasant. As I completed the single crochet short rows at the top, it also became heavier and heavier and I sighed at my grievous error in yarn choice. But I had once again underestimated the awesome power of blocking. 
Be free, shawl, be free!! 

I love the finished shawl. And the pattern. I know I will wear this to death. I have already purchased another of this talented lady’s designs, Oswin, which I’m planning to do in a silky laceweight.

I also thoroughly enjoyed my birthday celebrations last week, and received a veritable mountain of beautiful handmade gifts! 🙂 Feeling very spoilt! Here are a couple:
M made me a treasure box full of goodies, plus this butterfly for the garden from 100% recycled materials.

He’s called ‘Crazy Eye’. 🙂

Scissor case and keeper made by my gorgeous mum.

A cedar window from my poppy, which he designed himself and carved from a single piece of wood.

Birthdays in our family are always a good excuse to make something. Next in line is Poppy, who will be 81. And I think I may have finally found a sock yarn that he won’t find too ‘scratchy’! 🙂

56 thoughts on “Flagellation Shawl

    • Oh thank you so much Cynthia, you made me smile 😊 yes M is a whiz with the welder, anything metal really, it does come in very handy in the garden! I have a moth phobia so he was apparently very careful to make it anatomically butterfly-like lol. I do hope you are feeling much better! 😊

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  1. My goodness – the power of blocking indeed!! Isn’t it the most wonderful thing [Blocking. The pattern. The finished product. You!] Fabulous gifts. What a great family – so clever. Happy Birthday again and may there be many more shawls to come!

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    • Thank you Pauline 😊 haha we are a blocking household, when I mess up my knitting, even M now says ‘oh, don’t worry, it’ll block out’ 😃 if ravelry is anything to go by, I am far from alone in my shawl kick at the moment! I prefer the crochet ones though because they are sooooo much faster. Hope all is well, looking forward to seeing more of your creations soon 😊❤️

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    • Thank you very much, yes they are certainly a crafty bunch! 😃 I so love the scissor case too, mum has had to make about five now as every time someone sees one they want one lol…she loves using that sparkly thread! (She calls it ‘blingy’)😊

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  2. Wow love the shawl
    ..😍ooks cute on you..the case made my your mommy is absolutely beautiful..never seen anything like it before..love the wooden carving too..👍👍 wishes in advance..😊

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  3. Happy birthday to you gorgeous! I love your shawl, the colour is superb! It looks a bit intimidating though 🙂 what is that beautiful black tunic that you are wearing on these photos? Did you make it??? I love it! You had so many beautiful handmade gifts 🙂 well done M, crazy eye looks great!

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    • Oh thanks lovely Noemie! 😃 still can’t believe am 40 😳 trust me the shawl is not as hard as it looks! It has written and charted directions, I like following charts and these were very clear. Haha thank you, yes that is my favourite tunic, worn to death! It was a pattern from a Japanese pattern book, half buttoned on the front with a little gather underneath and a small collar. I used heavy weight black linen and it has stood up well. I am planning another one soon if I can locate which book the pattern was in….😃 I read M your comment and he was most pleased, thank you! So glad to see you back and around the place Noemie 😊❤️

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  4. It’s so nice when a story that starts out ominously turns out so well! the shawl is a lovely example of persistence. It’s really gorgeous. And happy belated birthday to you! Your gifts are indeed a wealth of creativity and craft.

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  5. Wow! I have to confess that I didn’t really believe in the power of blocking until this moment… that shawl is stunning, and the color of the linen is perfect for it! And your talented family really pulled out all the stops for your birthday – what beautiful, thoughtful gifts. Belated birthday greetings to you from me and the Beasties 😀

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  6. Firstly “Happy Birthday!” Sending big (wet…flooded to be exact…) hugs from Tasmania. That shawl is a most delicious thing. I was starting to cringe as the post progressed and that damp looking pile of dishevelled yarn mounted up but after blocking that yarn caterpillar (or was it a slug?!) metamorphosed into a glorious shawlly butterfly. Kudos. Love the handmade gifts and how talented you and yours are. Have a wonderful rest of your birthday week, month and year 🙂

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  7. Happy birthday dear girl and many many more! I love all your gifts but that cedar window is a joy forever!!
    And oh yes, the power of blocking…lace only comes alive after that. Good for you in muddling through to the end. Xo Johanna

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