I gotta make stuff. All the time. I’m a mad keen knitter and writer, also a psychotherapist, eternal student, artist and classical guitar teacher, and I design knitwear under the name Wolfberry Knits. My studio is an antique train carriage nestled among huge trees at our bush property called Ravensridge in Queensland Australia, and here I create, design, sew, knit, spin, quilt, paint, draw, write and generally thank my lucky stars for where I’ve ended up! 😀 oh, and I’ve followed a paleo diet for over two years now. One of the best things I ever did.

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  1. Oh, I completely get it! I’m not as prolific, but I always have to be making something – anything really. Fortunately, that’s less and less delicious baked goods and more fiber oriented stuff. Your blog totally inspires me 😀

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    • Hahaha oh those deliciously creative baked goods!! 🙂 thank you and i love your blog too, very smart and funny and your enthusiasm is infectious! Man, so much cool stuff to make, hey… now you’ve got me thinking about tshirt yarn too….d’oh 🙂

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      • I’m so sorry – I never got a notification about your comment!

        Thank you! T-shirt yarn is awesome and a great way to use old t-shirts – I mean, its free yarn! – and I know you’re likely to make something fabulous 🙂

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  3. It’s so amazing that you get to live in a train carriage… at least it would be on milder weather months. Could you share a pic of it (although that sounds very brazen of me to ask…). One of the Maisee Dobbs books has Maisee staying a few nights in one, and I imagined it to be so cool.

    Thank you for following me on my Inklings of a bookworm site (or at least liking it…). I am on my third year of chemo and have developed some debilitating neuropathy ( where I have no feeling in the tips of my fingers and toes), and I-cannot-knit-at-the-moment!!!! I am devastated. So I have ignored my Crooked Needles site and have focused on my book review site and will launch a new site on ‘loss’ on Tuesday the 15th. I suppose I should post a notice on the CN site. What do you think?

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    • Hi jo, thanks for your message, sorry I seem to have missed this notification, the WordPress app sometimes has moods :/ I am sorry about the knitting, must be so frustrating. I think I may have mentioned to you about my partner having a similar experience, the feeling has slightly returned for him and I hope it does for you too! The train is a pretty amazing studio, I feel very very lucky 🙂 I have posted about the process of renovating it to the half way point, but I will definitely be posting more pics in the future! 🙂 best wishes, b

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  4. How can I not have stumbled across your luscious blog sooner than this?! I am a quintessential magpie when it comes to finding the shiny treasures. Yours must have been incredibly well hidden. We both share a passion for fibre, for studying, for life in the Aussie bush and for a healthy lifestyle and you found me first. I am just now tucking you into my RSS Feed Reader and will read your gorgeous wordy posts over my first cuppa tomorrow morning. I get up at 3am to read the blogs in my feeds and love every single one of them. I don’t knit much but would love to. It seems SO much like maths to me but I love to learn all sorts of new crafts and DIY processes you have a cat, we have dogs, you live in Queensland, we live in Tassie so I guess we could have been ships in the night. Knowledge is most definitely power and when you live simply and close to the land you need to know as much as you can to make the living beautiful. Can’t wait to read your posts and thank you for finding me and following my blog 🙂

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    • Thank you so much for the lovely comments, I felt when I read your blog that we maybe had many things in common 🙂 (not sure if the 77 is ur birth year, but I am a 76er :)) look forward to reading much more about your life too (I get up at 5 and usually read them then if I’m not distracted by knitting and audiobooks!) we love dogs too, can’t have them here because of the wildlife so crazy indoor cats only for us right now but hopefully one day… I was in tassie in July, I LOVE it but my partner hates the cold (with a passion)…hope you get into the knitting sometime (though it looks as though your life is already rather full! :)) it is the best relaxation and meditation I have found. Yay for fibre!!! 🙂

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      • 77 was because “7” was taken ;). I have a head start on you by a few years. I understand why your partner wouldn’t like the cold but we have Brunhilda, our 4 oven wood burning stove who keeps us company for about 8 months of the year and even though we come from Western Australia (Steve is originally from the U.K.) we love the weather. I am slowly getting into knitting and really REALLY want to learn how to make socks. I love the look of sock wool, gorgeous stuff. I, too, have a spinning wheel and a great big garbage bag of alpaca fleece that my son bought me to get me spinning. Still haven’t gotten brave enough to try but now that I can be a fly on the wall and see what you are doing it might spur me on to try. My son’s partner spun some absolutely gorgeous baby alpaca (black) fleece that was as soft as silk and I crocheted a small bear for her. I would love to work with irregular yarn that I had made myself. It is lovely stuff (irregular yarn) and I completely appreciate it’s unique integrity. Can’t wait to put my feet up near Brunhilda tomorrow and start reading your posts. Our dogs are confined to an area on our property and aren’t allowed out because of all of the wildlife here. We have wallabies and possums and potaroo thingos and all kinds of birds and wildlife. I saw a fat echidna hightailing it across the lawn this morning. We get all sorts here (including spotted quolls that have taken a shine to our free range chooks… sigh…) and make sure that the native animals are numero uno on our property 🙂

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      • Wow, your place looks and sounds absolutely magical!! 🙂 your veggie garden is superb. I’m from Adelaide originally, have lived all over including Perth, which I really liked. QLD has its own beauty but I do miss the cold weather and seasons, and now I shall enjoy it vicariously through your blog! :)) Oh yes, sock yarn, so beautiful, and once you get started with socks it is very hard to stop!!

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      • It looks like we are all going to be hot and dry this year. Coming from S.A. and W.A. respectively (and you currently living in Qld) should prepare us for it but I fear I am spoiled down here. We just had the coldest winter for some time and now we are supposed to be heading into the hottest, driest and longest summer. I guess we are owed a warm one as we only had “summer” weather for 3 weeks last year. I see it as a positive thing as now I get to grow eggplants, tomatoes, chilli’s and capsicums to maturity on the vine. There is always a bright side, you just have to hunt around for it a bit sometimes ;).

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