Paris Hoodie

I finished my Basic Chic Hoodie by Bonne Marie Burns (Chic Knits) this week. I am calling it the Paris Hoodie, as it was a piece I specifically knitted for my upcoming trip to Paris. Every stitch of this has a little travel bug in it! 🙂

The original pattern calls for worsted weight yarn, but I wanted a slimmer fitting hoodie than the pictures, so I worked it in the smallest size in a DK weight yarn. It came out just right for a fitted AU10.

The yarn is Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury 8 ply in colour Slate. As always, great quality from BWM, and I love the super long 200g balls, which minimises weaving in the ends. Although I’ve had a few issues dealing with BWM, I cannot fault the yarn or the price! I have knitted many things now with a variety of their yarns and they’re all good.

The hoodie pattern was simple and clear, worked top down on 4.5mm needles. I used a Knitpro Symfonie circular the whole way, and magic looped the sleeves.

I wasn’t originally going to put the pockets in as they seemed a bit tiny and useless, but in the end I did and I think now they are actually pretty cute with the little button closure. Already they are collecting my usual ephemera. Tissues, bobby pins, seeds, shells, feathers, scraps of yarn, dead butterfly wings, rocks….
Anyway, I extended the length of the body slightly and also extended the sleeves and ribbing in order to make fingerless mitts on the end. I only did half of the sleeve decreases. The thumb hole is a simple 4 stitch cast off. I made it as unobtrusive as possible so I could also fold the cuffs back instead if desired.
The hood is picked up and knit upward, with a few small increases along the way, then bound off with a three needle bind off. The front band is picked up in two parts in the pattern, but I did it in one piece. Mine worked out at a total of 320 stitches picked up. The buttonholes are simple yarnovers/k2tog.

I knitted this while doing a French refresher course, so it is doubly a Paris hoodie. I still have a couple of months to keep practising fortunately. I love languages with a passion! French is beautiful, but Finnish is my favourite, as it seems to flow most naturally off the tongue for me. Perhaps that is genetic memory coming into play. I don’t even dream of ‘fluency’ in Finnish, but I will keep studying as much as my little brain will allow before I head there later this year! And I can’t wait to be knitting and designing for that trip too. 🙂



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