Valentine’s Day Knitting

Valentine’s Day this year was another opportunity for some knitting for my lovely man. A couple of years ago I made him an Armas for Valentine’s Day – it took my entire summer holidays and nearly killed me – and I swore NEVER again. He is so big, no matter what gauge I use it always takes sooooo long and kilometres of yarn to knit him a sweater!

Socks, hats and mitts only now. The cooler weather is fast approaching here, but in this part of Queensland it never really gets ‘cold’ so I usually stick with wool blends rather than pure wool. M’s favourite colour is ‘olive drab’ – hmmmmm, he does assure me that is a real colour – and I happened to have some worsted Hayfield acrylic wool blend handy in col. ‘Moss’. So I did some socks first for his size US15 feet, once again using the Fish Lips Kiss Heel. I do love this heel, now that I am getting it memorised.

M has a spectacularly gorgeous cardy that his mum got him, but it is brown and navy. So the olive beanie I’ve already made will not match, and he wanted something blueish to go with it. This yarn was random eBay purchase many moons ago…who knows what is in it, but from the feel there is definitely some cashmere or alpaca, it is super soft with a nice halo. I’m happy with the result, M only likes the ‘watch cap’ or ‘London beanie’ style of hat, which makes it pretty easy for me. The hardest part is getting it to fit his ginormous head! This one was a cast on of 96 stitches.

Next up on the gifting knitting list will be a pair of fingerless mitts, also in – sigh – olive drab. On the plus side, at least he wears what I make him!šŸ˜Œ


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