Cyclone Knitting

It’s been good weather to stay indoors and knit this past week as Cyclone Marcia has swirled down the coast around us. We have been soooo fortunate that it has skimmed us, and despite massive rain and a bit of stress, we’ve had little damage. Our little cottage on the mountain survives, but to the north we watched the huge storm right out to Fraser Island, and from the back deck we could see it over Noosa. Mother Nature does her thing, there’s nothing you can do really. My heart goes out to the poor people who weren’t so lucky.
The mist rolled in the following morning, obscuring most of the view, and it was like being an island in a sea of white cotton wool.


It’s still warm, very damp and humid but there is something about dark, windy, rainy days that just makes it FEEL cold, and I comforted myself by whipping up a couple of winter projects.
First, another Il Grande Favorito, this time is the discontinued Rustic from Bendigo Woollen Mills, 12ply in charcoal.


It is worked top down, on 6.5mm needles, with short rows used to create a lower scooped hem at the back. Such a quick knit, and so easy, I wanted something mindless to take my mind off the chaos going on outside.

Like an earlier one I made, I added some little pockets to this. Well, me and pockets, you know. I can’t resist.

Pocket instructions:

Using 6.5mm needles, cast on 15 sts using cable cast on.
Work 15 rows St St.
Work 3 rows Moss St.
Cast off Knitwise from RS, leaving a long tail to sew to the pocket on with.
Whip stitch in place.

I still have enough Rustic left to do something else too, I stocked up when I suspected they were cutting it!

I also knit up a Boo Knits dragonfly wings shawl that I HAD to make because I had this perfect yarn for it, Araucania Botany Lace, in beautiful shades of green and purple. It came out quite well, another easy pattern although it required small interludes of concentration. I think I like it point facing front best. The yarn is incredibly soft. In my rush to finish it, I managed to block the wrong points, so if they shrink down I’ll try it the right way next time! ☺️



The dress is one I made this week too, with some pure linen I dyed grey, as I couldn’t for the life of me find the colour I wanted. I will elaborate on the dress when I come to discussing all the projects I have made from those addictive Japanese pattern books!

Hoping for a calmer few days,

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